Home Retreat 

Guided meditation retreat by Dr Harsha Liyanage


You will be guided to carry out a Home Based meditation retreat by Dr Harsha Liyanage. 

During a home-based retreat, the meditator will experience the same elements of a monastery-based retreat that he or she would experience in a thick forest in Sri Lanka.

(Please watch the below video on Meditation Journey to understand different stages of meditation). 


The story behind Home Retreats  

"I have learned meditation practices from a monk (Rev. Hungama Gunasena of Kiyanduwa Aranya), since early 1990s, who lived a monastic life in a thick rainforest in Sri Lanka. Since his demise in 2007, I started exploring other masters both in the West and East. Since mid 2018, my meditation has been benefited from the advanced lessons taken from Maitreya Bodhisatva, with the communication assistance of the late Priyantha Senanayake, through the Hela Suwaya, charity in Sri Lanka.

In this post-covid world, the Buddhist way of living was  more meaningful than ever.  Experimenting with Zoom technology assisted with Video lessons, I have experimented introducing home-based retreats in 2020. As of today many meditators around the world are benefited from this innovative model."

 - Dr Harsha Liyanage


Our mission

We care about the passion of Sri Lankan Buddhists to improve their meditation. Through the use of innovative technology, we introduced new methods for learning and practising Buddhist meditation and mindfulness. 

We are trying to expand this program to children, young adults and parents living in Sri Lanka and beyond (such as Canada, the UK, the USA, Australia and Italy). 


One has to qualify as a regular meditator to do a Home Retreat. 

Qualification criteria: 

1. Daily meditation practice following Buddhist principles.

2. Practitioner of five precepts. 

3. Strong desire to advance the meditation towards Vidarshana.

4. Seeking Nibbana (enlightenment) as the ultimate aim of meditation. 

How to sign up?

To start the journey with us, please sign up to the Opt-in form below. We will set up a 30 minutes WhatsApp call with you for the consultation. We will ask following questions:

1. What is your objective?

2. Do you have any prior experiences of mindfulness / meditation?

3. What is your life style in general? (This question is aimed to understand your Karmic Path).

This is a free consultation. 

(We teach meditation as a free service, and offer paid courses to sustain the mission of Kindness Code)