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Kindness as a way of living.

“Walk on the path of the Bodhisattva. Start with one simple act of kindness.”

Kindness Lifestyle Challenge (Kids & Parents)


Start with One Simple Act of Kindness today.


Love your children in a way that fosters peace and harmony in the home.

Let's begin the 30-day challenge


The Daham Pasala in our early childhood, the memorable ‘exciting Jataka Kata’ you heard from grandparents and the loving-kindness they have planted into your life. 


Let's introduce the missing piece.

Kindness Road will bring the essence of it to the world our kids are living in today with gadgets, technology and science.


Our methods are simple

Educate - Engage - Empower

Education using video-assisted online lessons.
Spread kindness with simple 'one-minute-kindness' activities.
Celebrate with others for self-empowerment.
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These popular online classes are a great place to start, if you’re not yet ready to join a full Kindness Lifestyle Challenge.

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The program encourages kids to cultivate kindness in a balanced manner with guidance from a teacher as they relate noble qualities of Jataka stories to daily acts of kindness.

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Your kids can access Kindness Road any time of the day, sitting at home, in the garden or while riding to the school.


Kindness Road
Try it FREE for 14 days



Kindness Road will instil Bodhisattva qualities in the minds of children so they will undergo a positive transformation. 


This concept combines;

  •  Jataka Kata (Educate), 
  • Simple acts of kindness (Engage),
  • Introducing daily workouts to lead to transformation (Empower).


The Bodhisattva as a role model


Throughout the Chronicles of Siddhartha Gautama (Jataka Kata), we learn the essence of championing life while relating it with the unique facets of:

  • Virtues of the highest order,
  • Characteristics of greatness,
  • Compassion,
  • Icon of heroism.


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Metta with Science


In Kindness Road we cultivate love in the child's heart and mind. It combines the positive energy of Metta (Loving Kindness) with science and contemporary techniques in child education.



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Maintain balance in life


Lord Buddha describes the six social components (sadisa namaskara) in the Singalovada Sutta. Kindness Road focuses on those six elements. In this way, we can foster a healthy balance between family life and social life.


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The mental health and wellbeing of children are enhanced by kindness.

What factors foster happiness, peace, and harmony in the human mind and body?

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Nice to meet you!


I’m Harsha, a life coach and meditation teacher. I help my patrons experience deep healing from the inside out so they can experience power, presence, and purpose in their lives.


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