I'm Dr Harsha Liyanage, a life coach and meditation teacher. Using Buddhist Meditation practices, I help my clients experience deep healing from the inside out so that they can live their lives with more presence, power, and purpose.

Harsha Liyanage

I've got a lot to share with you. 

Kindness Code is my mission to build a healthy community of Mindfulness & ‘Metta’ (Loving-kindness) meditation practitioners. I am here to share the lessons learned in my pursuit of meditation practice over 30 years, drawing from East and West.

I have learned meditation practices from my guru (Rev. Hungama Gunasena of Kiyanduwa Aranya), since early 1990s, who lived a monastic life in a thick rainforest in Sri Lanka. Since his demise in 2007, I started exploring other masters both in the West and East. Since mid 2018, my meditation has been benefited from the advanced lessons taken from Maitreya Bodhisatva, with the communication assistance of the late Priyantha Senanayake, founder of the Hela Suwaya, charity in Sri Lanka.

My professional background includes a PhD in Biotechnology, consulting for the United Nations on ICT for Development (ICT4D), and founding social enterprises as well as for-profit businesses.

In my journeys around the world (over 60 countries) serving diverse communities, I have seen the common language of kindness. Kindness brings happiness, health, and well-being to you and the world around you. The Kindness Code is a three-step guide to harness the power of metta (loving-kindness) through mindfulness and meditation so you can become a better person and be happier. My book 'The Kindness Code' gives you a better understanding of my life, my mission, and myself.

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