Journey of the Bodhisattva!  

Why do Jataka Stories matter so much?

The best of my childhood memories are related to the Jataka Stories I was told by my grandfather. They always inspired me.

The Jataka stories are the Bodhisattva's past lives before becoming Buddha. The Bodhisattva (the future Buddha) is born in different forms like humans, animals, and deities, all righteous and wise. Often endowed with supernatural abilities; however, he is frequently just an ordinary man. So we could relate to these stories easily.

Usually, Bodhisattva is the story's hero. Still, at times, he is also just a tactful gambler or nothing more than an observer.

The stories are always funny, with clever twists that cause the Bodhisattva to save the day or defeat a problem or enemy.
Most are moral stories that teach the importance of Dharma values like modesty, obedience, perseverance, and loving-kindness.

These stories planted the early seeds of loving-kindness in my heart. They made a significant impact on my life, especially during the twists and turns in modern life.

But the biggest game-changer?

The perseverance they planted inside me. At profound cliff-hanger moments, they come to my mind offering the last straw to hang on to.

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The biggest game-changer? 

At serious cliff-hanger moments, the noble qualities of the bodhisattva, come to my mind offering the last straw to hang on to.

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