Learn How to Meditate in Just 21 Days

Get the most out of your meditation passion by turning it into daily practice. 

This webinar introduces you to an online course designed to nurture your mindfulness and meditation as a daily practice. 


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This course will teach you how to master your mind, build a solid routine of mindfulness & meditation practice, and create genuine bonds with loved ones. Created by Dr Harsha Liyanage this course will include video lessons, interactive group discussions (via Zoom), exercises and many more. Additionally you will have access to Dr Harsha via WhatsApp for personal support. 

The meditation journey

Understand the journey in detail. An overview of how mindfulness & meditation fit into the different stages of the journey. 

Nurturing the journey

Learn how to nurture your meditation practice while juggling your daily busy life. 

Overcoming the barriers 

Join the exclusive group Zoom sessions with Dr Harsha (every other week) to navigate the barriers you encounter in the journey. 

"I use the strategies I learned in this course daily. It's safe to say this experience changed my life."


"At first I was skeptical, but during the live practice session, I felt everything shift. Thank you Dr. Harsha, for helping me find myself again."


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Seats are limited to only 15 participants. Do not miss your opportunity. 

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