Learn How to Meditate in 21 Days: Effortless for Beginners

#meditation #meditation for beginners #mindfulness Oct 07, 2022
Discover inner peace. Meditation in 21 days with Dr Harsha Liyanage

Meditation can be a little bit difficult if you are new to it. The easiest way is to start small and give yourself enough time to master it.

There are several ways to make meditation easier. One way is to make it a routine habit. You may have heard the saying, "Rome wasn't built in a day." This view applies to meditation as well. A habit may take some time to stick, but the practice can be formed when you are consistent.

Imagine if I said you could master the basics of meditation in just 21 days? Would you like to know more?

This course will teach you how to incorporate meditation into your everyday life. By the end of this course, you will be able to meditate effortlessly and draw advantages from regular meditation practice.

Three common mistakes every beginner does

  1. First, most people start with incorrect or complicated techniques. There are thousands of meditation techniques out there. Choosing the right one for you is not easy. Even ancient monks and yogis had trouble correctly deciding how to train their minds.
  2. Many beginners try to do without a teacher. Can you imagine learning to ride a bike by reading a book? You need a teacher to correct your posture, give you feedback, and keep you motivated. Meditation has been a daily practice of Dr Harsha Liyanage for over 30 years. The methods introduced in this course have been tried and tested with hundreds of students.
  3. Some beginners do it right, but unfortunately, they don't have a clear idea of how to verify whether they do it right. You can't be sure unless you know how meditation is supposed to feel.

Here's how we made it easy for you

Modern science has made things much simpler for us. We combined behavioural science and technology with Buddhist meditation wisdom to create 'Meditation in 21 Days.' Habit building is a crucial part of behavioural science. You will learn the basics of meditation as a Habit building exercise through the 3S method, the same time, place, and duration.

We combined behavioural science and technology with Buddhist meditation wisdom to create 'Meditation in 21 Days.'

There are over 140 meditation techniques taught in Sri Lankan Buddhist monasteries. Still, we have selected three that are simple enough for beginners. With this approach, you can grasp the fundamentals of meditation without being stressed out. This way, you start small and grow as you go.

The most important thing you can do is verify whether you're doing it right. We have designed simple indicators at crucial milestones to determine whether you're doing it right and feel right.

3S Method & behavioural science

According to behavioural science, time and space play a critical role in habit formation. Dr Harsha Liyanage has developed the 3S method over many years of experimenting with meditation retreats in the Buddhist monasteries in Sri Lanka and the West.

According to behavioural science, time and space play a critical role in habit formation; Same time, Same place, Same duration.

Here is how the 3s method works;

  • Decide what time works best for you to meditate every day

What's the perfect time for a night-owl to meditate? If you were one of those people, you'd sit for meditation every day at 9 pm. Thus (to get around this,) meditate at the 'Same time' every day.

  • Find a place where you won't be distracted when you meditate

Having a calm and distraction-free environment, you will be able to concentrate on your thoughts and reach a higher level of concentration. But, unfortunately, the kitchen will not be the place to do it. Thus the importance of selecting the 'Same place.'

  • Decide on a duration that is convenient and suitable for your daily routine

We recommend beginning with 5-10 minutes of meditation. Despite your busy schedule, you can pace your meditative mind in this way. Then, once you feel comfortable, you can increase the duration to 20 minutes or even 30. This way, you learn the 'Same duration' aspect of the 3S method.

Every day, at the same place and time, you sit for just 10 minutes. It doesn't have to be complicated. Keep it simple.

Despite its simplicity, the 3S method helps you to be present in the moment, calm your sensory organs, and let go of negative thoughts. It also trains your brain to be more active, focused, and creative, which helps manage your mental energy, which is crucial to meditation success.

Seven milestones

Within 21 days, you will master these 3S's step-by-step, graduating through seven milestones. Each milestone represents a different level of proficiency that you can strive to achieve. As you progress through the milestones, you'll be able to learn and perfect the techniques until you reach mastery. You can confidently perform the required processes and achieve your learning goals by completing each milestone.

  • Milestone 1: Begin the journey
  • Milestone 2: Learn to sit for three days
  • Milestone 3: Seven-day smile
  • Milestone 4: Turning ten
  • Milestone 5: Turning fourteen
  • Milestone 6: 21-day graduation
  • Milestone 7: Review, reflect and smile.

Are you ready to begin the journey now? Let's start with Milestone 1.

Meditation doesn't have to be so hard.

Meditation doesn't have to be so hard. You can do it effectively with the right tools introduced in the 'Meditation in 21-days' online course. It also trains your brain to be more active and focused on managing your mental energy, which is crucial to success and happiness in your daily life.

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